Friday, 24 March 2017

Lets put a little Spring in our step...

Its always a good feeling this time of year when you walk into the shops and the Sales are on. Not only because you could perhaps pick up a bargain or two, but because you know we are finally ‘getting rid of the old’ and coming ‘in with the new’ and boy are we ready for it! So, as we leave the woes of Winter, I will give you a few little insights into key pieces that will freshen up your look this season..

A good place to begin is with the absolute key look of the season – the big flouncy, larger than life sleeve! It is EVERYWHERE and if you're lucky you can pick up big-sleeved knitwear pieces in the sale! It can be billowing or fluted, but it is most definitely exaggerated. It is easy for most shapes to wear, just make sure you let the sleeve be the focus and keep the rest of your silhouette simple.  The best ones I have found are in Mango, Zara and ASOS or for the extra spend head to net-a-porter for a fantastic selection.

Although there is still a chill in the air, I think it is safe to pack away your padded parker and wool coats and replace with Spring's light, bright coats. There is A LOT to choose from out there. My advice: don’t be afraid of a bright bold colour. It will transform your outfit, lift your mood and put a SPRING in your step. My favourite, and the one I will be buying this season, is the yellow, eyelet city long coat from our trusty M&S - for just £79, it is a KEY buy. If colour is not your thing, M&S have a fabulous muddy coloured cotton trench coat. Leoprint and Gingham is still a go-to print this season too. The best can be found at H&M and Zara. Finally, if you want to take your on-trend look way into Autumn opt for the check coat. Isabel Marant has a fabulous one this season, but if that is beyond your reach H&M have nailed this look too.

Talking about colour, the hottest shade to be seen in this season is PINK!
The high street will soon be awash with this colour so take your pick!  Topshop have a gorgeous pink silk midi skirt with a fluttering hemline. Dress up for a summer wedding or team with a vintage tee and pumps for a summer's day. If Pink is too romantic and feminine for you, wear it with black (like the designers have done), it makes the look more seductive and edgy. For me,  whose style is more ‘boy meets girl’ (so pink is generally not my thing), I will be looking to bring pink into my outfit through my accessories. Fendi have fabulous over-sized pink Sunglasses and Converse have introduced a new collection of Chuck Taylors in an array of Spring blossom pastels. Or, if you’re strapped for cash Sainsbury's do the best look-a-likey for a fraction of the price!

It would be rude not to talk denim this season as its such an integral part of our wardrobe. This season the cut is all about the Straight leg, non-stretch. The shape is flattering to most figures - keep the rise mid to high and the length not too long. In fact, a flash of ankle is a great thing. For an edgier look, cuff the hem and team with some heels and THAT statement sleeve. The best I have found are in Topshop and Levi. A word of warning, beware of the over-faded look, it can be very unflattering and will NOT last (feet through the holes when you put them on anyone?!)

Now, lets keep our fingers crossed for some beautiful Spring sunshine so we can unleash our new looks and flash some flesh! Eek ….   🌺🌷 

Put a Spring in your Step..

Put a Spring in your Step..

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Sale Shopping Sorted!

Sale Shopping Sorted!

Hello! So, I've been away a little (ok a LONG while) as I've had a baby and well when a small human comes into your life time just seems to vanish into thin air and you end up doing NOTHING but baby stuff. Eeek! So, anyway now my brain has, sort of, recovered and my evenings are finally starting to become my own again it is time to get back on the wagon... 

I'm working on giving my blog a re-vamp too so watch this space for ALOT more activity! Back. To. It. 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Nearly ready...

Where has the summer gone? Eek we are fast approaching Autumn and the New Year! On the plus side the Vintage Calender is nearly nearly ready! We had a few hiccups towards the end which meant we couldn't shoot our last two scheduled themes. But, we hope we can develop upon the ideas in the New Year. Anyways, as you can see from above things are taking shape, so please watch this space for updates on when you can actually BUY our beautiful work! Yay!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Vintage is the word..

Vintage vintage everywhere! Is it me or has the V word taken over? It has certainly taken over my life the last 12 months in term of photoshoots, events and personal styling. The latest being Hay Does Vintage which takes place bi-annually in the little town of books - Hay on Wye. The last HDV was last December and it was sooooo cold I had to wrap my models up in faux fur and I also had to raid Primark for fleecey lined tights to keep my girls happy! But, last Sunday the sun shone and it was HOT! so we could wear our florals with bare arms and YES bare legs! Woo! Now, I do love a little of the old, but for me I like to bring these Vintage pieces to life with a little contemporary styling whether its with a modern shoe or a fierce biker jacket. I just love styling pretty florals with leather and or denim, I feel it gives the outfit attitude and it shouts 'Look at ME!'.

The key for me on getting it RIGHT is to make my models comfortable, I want them to shine in what they are wearing so they must feel gorgeous as they strut their stuff. So, I make sure I know a little about them, their personality, what they do etc.. Ruth for example (second from the right) loves vintage and is a little quirky in her own style so I KNEW she could carry off that 1950s girly floral look and she nailed it! She even brought a petticoat at the event too so she could make all her dresses 'puff out'. Dani (far left) has had her colours done so she HAD to wear her right colours! She also fell in love with the floral over sized boyfriend blazer so I let her wear it.. And yes she did buy it too!

I'm already looking forward to the next HDV and in the meantime I will be busy styling my new clients who have also jumped on the Contemporary Vintage style wagon..xx

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Short & Sophisticated??

So the sunshine appears, the first PROPER sunshine, I'm talking hot, no wind, no cloud, nothing! Yay, we all cry! But, the million dollar question that all us Brits ask at this time of year is what are we going to wear? Of course it is going to have to reveal a little more flesh than we are comfortable with, especially as its been hidden for what feels like a decade. Now, I am a thirty (plus) year old, I like to think I am sophisticated and edgy all at the same time but can I really STILL pull off denim shorts? I mean hot pant denim, ripped, tasseled, well worn. Pulling them off is not the only issue can I actually wear them out and about and not look like I have just celebrated my thirteenth birthday? On this particular HOT day I was off to a fashion shoot, now how would anyone take me seriously if they could see a bit of my bum? But I'm thirty (plus) not sixty, I am not prepared to rule shorts out of my wardrobe just yet, I just need to find some that are a little more appropriate. Here are the best I found.. Short and sophisticated? YES indeed!