Sunday, 6 October 2013

Our favourite designers are they as short lived as fashions fads?

Like many of us I have really enjoyed the last month of fashion weeks, although having to enjoy them from the comfort of my own home rather than the FROW, none the less enjoyed them I have! Which got me thinking about which designer, which city, which trend, which show was my favourite. Every season I must admit my designer crush lasts as long as a fashion fad but this year I feel is a little different. It all started with my introduction to Chanel, I was obsessed with reading biographies about Coco (Justine Picardie being my fav) and then my Auntie gave me a pair of vintage Chanel earrings - I was in love. But although Karl Lagerfield never fails to pull out the stops my love soon turned to lust. Victoria Beckham was next, those lines, those dresses, that elegance. Miu Miu and Diesel Gold soon followed..

It all changed when I stumbled upon Isabel Marant and her ready to wear, slightly boho French ethos. She made fashion more tangible for me, no longer did I think that what went on on the catwalk stayed on the catwalk. I could actually see real women wearing her clothes in real life (not just celebs) looking fantastic at the same time. For me this is what great fashion is, effortless. Her Spring/Summer 2014 collection did not disappoint. Although edging towards a more feminine approach with a romantic vibe using lace, pink and frills she balances it out with leather and straps. Now I can safely say that my favourite designer is going to out live any fashion fad, I could even go as far as saying that I have fallen madly deeply in love, roll on her H&M collection..