Monday, 28 April 2014

A little catch up on the 'Vintage Bus Project'...

Its been a little while since I last checked in about the 'Vintage Bus Project' that I am extremely fortunate and proud to be apart of. Sorry! But we are now fast approaching shoot number 5 which is happening next weekend, eeek I'm nowhere near ready! I have a few holes in my outfit ideas so I'm relying on ebay to help me.. We have so far focused on the 40s, 50s and 60s. Big full skirts, mini skirts, shift dress, pearls, prom and faux fur, all of which has screamed sophistication and sensuality. But, for this next shoot our model (Brooke) is a little younger than the other beautiful girls we have used. Her look is of innocence and youthfulness and her hair, well her hair is just to die for. One of those styles that if it were yours you would hate it and if it is not yours, well, you would have PURE hair envy. So, Alexandra and I have used Brooke for our inspiration for this one, our theme - youth culture of the 50s think ROCK n ROLL, ELVIS and GREASE the movie. Fun fun fun! I popped in to see Kelli at her Vintage Tramp shop and together we selected leather shorts, jackets, denim hotpants a varsity jackets and some gingham (and a few other bits in between).  I also gave Jo at Hay Does Vintage a shout to borrow her black leather biker jacket (which, if it fitted me I would snap right up!) Now, I'm just pulling together some accessories and shoes via ebay to complete the looks, so keep your eyes PEELED I will post soon...
But, just to wet your appetite even more here are a few shots from our previous fashion shoots. Ruddy good aren't they!x

Sunday, 13 April 2014

My FAV Clarks Spring Picks...

I'm not sure if its from living in Somerset the last couple of years that Clarks have been my go-to shoe brand or the fact that they make ruddy good shoes! Im thinking both.. So these are my fav picks from their store at the mo. And, they are totally bang on trend just look at the block heel and the wedge - they are ALL over the high street. For tall gals like me Number 4 is ideal as you can work the wedge without towering over all your mates or perhaps even your boyfriend! I must fest up, I have already brought one of them..sshhh x
1. FennersFun Brogue £64.99
2. Shooting Comet £54.99
3. Orleans Jazz £49.99
4. Ornate Jewel £49.99
5. Romantic Moon £49.99
6. Susie Devel £49.99
7. Surina Emma £59.99