Saturday, 13 September 2014

Nearly ready...

Where has the summer gone? Eek we are fast approaching Autumn and the New Year! On the plus side the Vintage Calender is nearly nearly ready! We had a few hiccups towards the end which meant we couldn't shoot our last two scheduled themes. But, we hope we can develop upon the ideas in the New Year. Anyways, as you can see from above things are taking shape, so please watch this space for updates on when you can actually BUY our beautiful work! Yay!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Vintage is the word..

Vintage vintage everywhere! Is it me or has the V word taken over? It has certainly taken over my life the last 12 months in term of photoshoots, events and personal styling. The latest being Hay Does Vintage which takes place bi-annually in the little town of books - Hay on Wye. The last HDV was last December and it was sooooo cold I had to wrap my models up in faux fur and I also had to raid Primark for fleecey lined tights to keep my girls happy! But, last Sunday the sun shone and it was HOT! so we could wear our florals with bare arms and YES bare legs! Woo! Now, I do love a little of the old, but for me I like to bring these Vintage pieces to life with a little contemporary styling whether its with a modern shoe or a fierce biker jacket. I just love styling pretty florals with leather and or denim, I feel it gives the outfit attitude and it shouts 'Look at ME!'.

The key for me on getting it RIGHT is to make my models comfortable, I want them to shine in what they are wearing so they must feel gorgeous as they strut their stuff. So, I make sure I know a little about them, their personality, what they do etc.. Ruth for example (second from the right) loves vintage and is a little quirky in her own style so I KNEW she could carry off that 1950s girly floral look and she nailed it! She even brought a petticoat at the event too so she could make all her dresses 'puff out'. Dani (far left) has had her colours done so she HAD to wear her right colours! She also fell in love with the floral over sized boyfriend blazer so I let her wear it.. And yes she did buy it too!

I'm already looking forward to the next HDV and in the meantime I will be busy styling my new clients who have also jumped on the Contemporary Vintage style wagon..xx

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Short & Sophisticated??

So the sunshine appears, the first PROPER sunshine, I'm talking hot, no wind, no cloud, nothing! Yay, we all cry! But, the million dollar question that all us Brits ask at this time of year is what are we going to wear? Of course it is going to have to reveal a little more flesh than we are comfortable with, especially as its been hidden for what feels like a decade. Now, I am a thirty (plus) year old, I like to think I am sophisticated and edgy all at the same time but can I really STILL pull off denim shorts? I mean hot pant denim, ripped, tasseled, well worn. Pulling them off is not the only issue can I actually wear them out and about and not look like I have just celebrated my thirteenth birthday? On this particular HOT day I was off to a fashion shoot, now how would anyone take me seriously if they could see a bit of my bum? But I'm thirty (plus) not sixty, I am not prepared to rule shorts out of my wardrobe just yet, I just need to find some that are a little more appropriate. Here are the best I found.. Short and sophisticated? YES indeed!

Monday, 28 April 2014

A little catch up on the 'Vintage Bus Project'...

Its been a little while since I last checked in about the 'Vintage Bus Project' that I am extremely fortunate and proud to be apart of. Sorry! But we are now fast approaching shoot number 5 which is happening next weekend, eeek I'm nowhere near ready! I have a few holes in my outfit ideas so I'm relying on ebay to help me.. We have so far focused on the 40s, 50s and 60s. Big full skirts, mini skirts, shift dress, pearls, prom and faux fur, all of which has screamed sophistication and sensuality. But, for this next shoot our model (Brooke) is a little younger than the other beautiful girls we have used. Her look is of innocence and youthfulness and her hair, well her hair is just to die for. One of those styles that if it were yours you would hate it and if it is not yours, well, you would have PURE hair envy. So, Alexandra and I have used Brooke for our inspiration for this one, our theme - youth culture of the 50s think ROCK n ROLL, ELVIS and GREASE the movie. Fun fun fun! I popped in to see Kelli at her Vintage Tramp shop and together we selected leather shorts, jackets, denim hotpants a varsity jackets and some gingham (and a few other bits in between).  I also gave Jo at Hay Does Vintage a shout to borrow her black leather biker jacket (which, if it fitted me I would snap right up!) Now, I'm just pulling together some accessories and shoes via ebay to complete the looks, so keep your eyes PEELED I will post soon...
But, just to wet your appetite even more here are a few shots from our previous fashion shoots. Ruddy good aren't they!x

Sunday, 13 April 2014

My FAV Clarks Spring Picks...

I'm not sure if its from living in Somerset the last couple of years that Clarks have been my go-to shoe brand or the fact that they make ruddy good shoes! Im thinking both.. So these are my fav picks from their store at the mo. And, they are totally bang on trend just look at the block heel and the wedge - they are ALL over the high street. For tall gals like me Number 4 is ideal as you can work the wedge without towering over all your mates or perhaps even your boyfriend! I must fest up, I have already brought one of them..sshhh x
1. FennersFun Brogue £64.99
2. Shooting Comet £54.99
3. Orleans Jazz £49.99
4. Ornate Jewel £49.99
5. Romantic Moon £49.99
6. Susie Devel £49.99
7. Surina Emma £59.99

Saturday, 22 March 2014

I've gone all Leafy..

My garden is slowly waking up from a very sleepy winter. The daffs are ALL in full bloom and my favourite flower the Camellia has finally begun to flower. The Magnolia trees aren't too far behind either. Because I'm a little obsessed with my Spring garden my eye has (quite willingly) been drawn to the leafy tropical prints which are/have hit the high street. Keep this look simple with minimal accessories, let the print do all the talking. For me I will keep my lips nude but will give my brows abit of a lift with Benefits Give me Brow. Good to go..

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Vintage Vintage Vintage!

A few weeks ago I got approached by the super talented Alexandra Gunnoe (a LA photographer who has moved across the pond) to be the stylist on her latest project - a vintage calender. Her inspiration has been draw from old 40s, 50s and 60s vintage buses, tractors and fire trucks which she stumbled across in her new home county of Devon. So, how could I resist? The buses looked fabulous, fantastically restored and their colours are so vibrant and fresh. Really, I needed no convincing to style these shoots as I LOVE all things vintage. My own personal vintage collection has grown and grown thanks to the lovely Kelli at Vintage Tramp Jo Hodges at Hay Does Vintage and my glamourous US auntie who has provided me with ALOT of beautiful pieces (the latest a 1980s Princess Di inspired bag from Russell & Bromley). See, how could I resist..

The first shoot is 1960s inspired using the yellow double Decker bus a 1959 model. To give Alexandra enough variety with her shoots I decided to draw upon three different looks of the 60s.

Firstly: The ROCKERS who wore leather and listened to 1950s rock n roll will be portrayed through the leather jumpsuit and canary yellow blouse. Secondly, the MINI ( thank you Mary Quant) and looks inspired by Twiggy, including crazy psychedelic print could not be ignored. Lastly I wanted to bring in a little 1960s sophistication in the form of JACKIE Kennedy - suits, boxy jackets and the shift. A bright red swing coat will give a perfect pop of colour and probably much needed warmth on the day too!

I'm so excited now and can't wait to see how it all comes together, will post some fabulous pictures of the event next week...wish us luck!   

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Oh but to dream..

It is always good to dream! And, if I was going to the Brits tonight this is the outfit I would ROCK! Just to stand out a little more I would wear a bright pink lipstick and I will be scrunching up the bottom of my trousers (safely and discreetly with pins) to show off my OUTSTANDING shoes! This Olympia le-tan clutch bag would be a perfect talking point if I happened to be stood next to someone like PRINCE! x  

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Totally Tonal.

Although I am an avid preacher of colour colour colour, I can't escape all this tonal dressing. Especially in one of the most popular colours - grey! But, as I flick through my wardrobe I have (surprisingly) alot of grey mainly, I think, because it is easy to dress up and down. I often team it up with a pop of colour or a good print whether it be tribal or animal. To reflect my style these Clarks skater trainers are my go-to at the moment, they add a little bit of glamour and youthfulness to the tonal trend and well they are just a bit fun too, aren't they? 

Friday, 7 February 2014

Sunshine? Yes Pleat..

Jumper (Topshop) Pleated Skirt (Zara) Wedged Boots (Clarks)
Bobble Hat (ASOS) and bag (Mulberry).
 That strange round yellow thing has popped up in the sky over Somerset today, yay! So I have decided to dabble in a little bit of S/S 14 dressing, brave I know. This little piece embraces the new pastels of the season - Topshop have a plethora of them and this pleated skirt new in from Zara hits the nail right on the head. I am however not brave enough to venture outide without my trusted bobble (ASOS) and fit for any weather wedged boots from Clarks. If there is still a little bit of a nip in the air where you are team this little combo with fleeced lined tights and layer under your pastel sweater, good to go!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Whispers of Spring..

It isn't just the NEW seasons fashions that are beginning to SPRING to life this time of year, the farm is also buzzing with the sights and sounds of NEW LIFE with the arrival of some new faces...CUTE xx