Sunday, 6 July 2014

Vintage is the word..

Vintage vintage everywhere! Is it me or has the V word taken over? It has certainly taken over my life the last 12 months in term of photoshoots, events and personal styling. The latest being Hay Does Vintage which takes place bi-annually in the little town of books - Hay on Wye. The last HDV was last December and it was sooooo cold I had to wrap my models up in faux fur and I also had to raid Primark for fleecey lined tights to keep my girls happy! But, last Sunday the sun shone and it was HOT! so we could wear our florals with bare arms and YES bare legs! Woo! Now, I do love a little of the old, but for me I like to bring these Vintage pieces to life with a little contemporary styling whether its with a modern shoe or a fierce biker jacket. I just love styling pretty florals with leather and or denim, I feel it gives the outfit attitude and it shouts 'Look at ME!'.

The key for me on getting it RIGHT is to make my models comfortable, I want them to shine in what they are wearing so they must feel gorgeous as they strut their stuff. So, I make sure I know a little about them, their personality, what they do etc.. Ruth for example (second from the right) loves vintage and is a little quirky in her own style so I KNEW she could carry off that 1950s girly floral look and she nailed it! She even brought a petticoat at the event too so she could make all her dresses 'puff out'. Dani (far left) has had her colours done so she HAD to wear her right colours! She also fell in love with the floral over sized boyfriend blazer so I let her wear it.. And yes she did buy it too!

I'm already looking forward to the next HDV and in the meantime I will be busy styling my new clients who have also jumped on the Contemporary Vintage style wagon..xx

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