Saturday, 14 June 2014

Short & Sophisticated??

So the sunshine appears, the first PROPER sunshine, I'm talking hot, no wind, no cloud, nothing! Yay, we all cry! But, the million dollar question that all us Brits ask at this time of year is what are we going to wear? Of course it is going to have to reveal a little more flesh than we are comfortable with, especially as its been hidden for what feels like a decade. Now, I am a thirty (plus) year old, I like to think I am sophisticated and edgy all at the same time but can I really STILL pull off denim shorts? I mean hot pant denim, ripped, tasseled, well worn. Pulling them off is not the only issue can I actually wear them out and about and not look like I have just celebrated my thirteenth birthday? On this particular HOT day I was off to a fashion shoot, now how would anyone take me seriously if they could see a bit of my bum? But I'm thirty (plus) not sixty, I am not prepared to rule shorts out of my wardrobe just yet, I just need to find some that are a little more appropriate. Here are the best I found.. Short and sophisticated? YES indeed!

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